Send Me Stuff!

Any and all forms of communication are awesome and appreciated. Real LIVE letters are especially fun to receive, as are packages–although let me stress that my expectations are LOW! I just love hearing from you all 🙂

If you would like to send me something by snail mail:

Reach out for my address 😊

Sending a Package:

If you do plan on sending a package, please send it by US Postal Service or a Filipino mail service if there is one near you. Please pay all customs on your end and when you declare the contents of the package, list the value as LOW as possible (10$-20$) and list the contents as ‘used clothes and housewares’. If you’d like, you can even include a list of items sent in the box so I can make extra sure that everything arrived. This will help prevent theft and heavy taxes when I go to retrieve your lovely gift! For more guidance on sending packages, please contact me!

Whatsapp: Use my US number to find me (let me know if you need it 😊) This is the best way to reach me!


Instagram: @skatej0rdan