Tell me about the Philippines

The Philippines: Basic Information


OFFICIAL LANGUAGES: Filipino (Tagalog) and English. However, there are 125 to 170 languages in use in the Philippines, such as Tagalog, Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Bicolano, Waray, and my local hapid, Tuwali.

AREA: 115,831 sq. miles; composed of 7,107 islands

LOCATION: Southeastern Asia; Archipelago between the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea, East of Vietnam

POPULATION:107.67 million (2014)


EXCHANGE RATE: 1 USD= 45-49 Pesos

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Did you know…

  • 52 million people in the Philippines speak English, making it the fifth largest English-speaking nation behind the U.S., India, Pakistan, and the U.K.


  • Of the top 10 largest shopping malls in the world, three are found in the Philippines


  • Ferdinand Magellan arrived in the Philippines in 1521, marking the start of the archipelago’s colonization under Spanish rule, a 377-year period that lasted until 1898


  • As a result of the Spanish influence, the country is predominantly Christian with 90% of the population practicing some mode of Christianity, the vast majority being Roman Catholic.


  • The Philippines is the seventh most populated country in Asia and the 12th in the world.


  • Manila, the capital of the Philippines is considered the world’s most densely populated city in the world. With a population of 1,660,714 and an area of just 24 square miles (38.55 square km), it has a population density of 55,446 people per square mile (43,079 people per square km)


  • Over 11 million Filipinos work overseas, which constitutes about 11% of the entire population of the Philippines.


  • Basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines. The Philippines Basketball Association (PBS) is the first and oldest league in Asia and the second oldest in the world after the United States’ National Basketball Association (NBA).

Thank you BuzzFeed and for these interesting facts!


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